​​ 2021

1.10.21  I Am Baptized

1.17.21  Here I Am Lord

1.25.21  What Do You Know About Fishing

1.31.21  The Power and Authority of Jesus' Love

2.07.21  Giving UP Anxiety - My Lenten Fast

2.14.21  Coming Out From the Clouds and Fog...into Lent

​2.17.21  The Sign of Jonah -- God Is Calling

2.21.21  The Sign of Jonah -- Saved in the Storm

2.28.21  Lenten Sermon Series: “The Sign of Jonah - Praying in the Belly of the Big Fish"

3.07.21  Lenten Sermon Series: "The Sign of Jonah - God of Second Chances"

3.14.20  Lenten Sermon Series: "The Sign of Jonah - Turn Around"

3.21.20  Lenten Sermon Series:  "The Sign of Jonah - God is God of All"

4.04.21 The Sound of Love

4.21.21 The Good Shepherd

5.02.21 So That Your Joy May Be Complete

5.09.21 Plugged In and Inviting

5.16.21  “...and sittith on the right hand of God...”

5.23.21 You DO Know the Holy Spirit of God!

5.30.21 The Perichoresis of the Trinity 

6.06.21  Walking with God

6.13.21 The Easter Good News in our 65th Week!

6.20.21 Giants and Storms

6.27.21 REACH (A First-Person Sermon)

7.04.21 Scandalized and Stumbling?

7.11.21 Oh, There You Are

7.18.21 Christ Is Our Peace

7.25.21 These Days, Chapter Twelve

8.22.21 Standing

​8.29.21 Be Quick to Listen

09.05.21  Hearing

9.12.21 I.A.L.A.K. and SHMILY

9.19.21 And Jesus Took a Little Child

9.26.21 Imagine You Are a Tree...

10.3.21 A Condition According to Fact

10.10.21 The Library of Faith...For You!

10.24.21 The Stewardship of Life–Giving Gifts To Our Giftgiver​​​

10.31.21 Halloween in Church?

11.07.21 All Saints' Day

11.14.21 Choosing to Live Like Ruth From Moab

11.21.21 Thanksgiving Planning

11.28.21 Spending Advent with Luke’s Gospel: Advent 1--The Angel Comes to Zechariah

12.5.21  Spending Advent with Luke’s Gospel: Advent 2--The Angel Comes to Mary​

12.12.21 Spending Advent with Luke’s Gospel: Advent 3-The Birth of John the Baptist

               and Zechariah’s Prophecy



01.13.19  I Am Baptized

01.20.19  Filled to the Brim, and Overflowing

01.27.19  Called to One Body of Christ

02.03.19  Love -  A Still More Excellent Way

02.10.19  These Days, Chapter Ten

02.24.19  You That Listen

03.03.19   Face Time

03.06.19  “LECTIO DIVINA”

03.10.19  A Sermon Series Based on Donald Postema’s     

                Space for God

03.17.19: A Sermon Series Based on Donald Postema’s   
                Space for God Week 2

03.24.19  A Sermon Series Based on Donald Postema’s
04.07.19  A Space for God - Wrestling with God

04.14.19  Space for God: Prayer & Justice/Compassion

​04.21.19  Space for God: The Goal is Glory

​04.28.19  Holy Humor Sunday

05.09.19 Labyrinth Sunday

05.12.19 Sitting by Charcoal Fires with a Unicorn

05.19.19 The Promise and Prod of the New Heaven & New Earth

05.26.19 The Peace of Christ Be With You

06.02.19 Disciples of the Ascended Christ

06.09.19 The Surprise of the Holy Spirit

06.16.19 God in Community, Holy in One

​07.07.19 Sent

07.28.19 Ask

08.18.19 The Window and Jesus

08.25.19 Set Free

09.01.19 You Want Me to Sit Where?

09.08.19 Created

09.15.19 Sought and Found

​10.06.19 ​Visions of World Communion

10.13.19 Turning Back

10.20.19 Thankful Stewards

11.03.19 Tree Climbing Saints

11.10.19 God Loves, Chooses, Saves & Guides YOU!

11.24.19 Christ the King

12.01.19 The Journey - Walking the Road to  Mary of Nazareth

12.08.19 The Journey--Walking the Road to Bethlehem with Joseph

12.22.19 THE Journey - Walking the Road to Bethlehem - Arriving at the Manger in Bethlehem

12.29.19 The Birth of Christ - A Guided Meditation


01.12.20  I Am Baptized

01.19.20  Come and See

01.26.20  Called

02.02.20 The Requirements of the Blessing One

02.09.20 This Little Light of Mine

02.16.20 Valentines From the Heart

03.29.20 Can These Bones Live?

04.12.20 The Easter Phenology Report

04.19.20 The Courage to Doubt

04.26.20 Along the Road

05.03.20 Following the Shepherd

​05.10.20 Coming Out of Massey Tunnel

​05.17.20 The Gift of the Seven Last Words

05.24.20 Praying from the Rigging

05.31.20 Knowing the Holy Spirit of Pentecost

06.07.20 Created in the Image of God

06.14​.20 Is Anything to Wonderful for Our Lord?

06.21.20 In 2020 His Eye Is on The Sparrow

06.28.20 These Days

07.06.20 Resting in a World Pandemic

07.13.20 How Deep is Your Soil

08.02.20 The Feeding of the 20,000 Today

08.09.20  Immediately!  Into the Midst of the Storm!

08.16.20  Changes

08.23.20  It's Who You Know

08.30.20  Which Way Should We Go -- in 2020?

​​09.06.20  Grieving Together in a World Pandemic

09.13.20 First We Grieve, Then We Hope​

09.20.20 Enough Is Enough ... For Now

09.27.20 ​Shaped by the Songs of Faith

​10.04.20 Listening and Hearing on World Communion Sunday

10.11.20 Messages in the Wilderness

10.25.20  ..."In All Generations"... 

11.8.20 Choose!

11.15.20 Dressed to Live in the Light

11.22.20 Found

11.29.20 The Angels of Advent: An Angel of the Lord Came to Zechariah

12.13.20 The Angels of Advent - The Angel Comes to Joseph

12.20.20 The Angels of Advent - The Angels Come to the Shepherds

12.27.20 The Other Wise Man by Henry Van Dyke

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